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Fostering in Morocco

We aim to make fostering available in Taroudannt to those children who are unable to go home and live with their biological parents. Children who would otherwise have no choice but to live in abusive households, or with the fears sometimes associated with being street-connected, will have the opportunity, to better realise their potential in a safe and nurturing environment – a childhood that every child has a right to.

We plan to build a transitional care centre, distinct from the residential centres currently used in Morocco, just outside the city. This centre will offer temporary care to help children transition from life sleeping or working on the street or in an abusive home environment into foster-care. This centre will be the first of its kind in Morocco and serve as a model for other such projects nationally. By showcasing our fostering programme to agencies and experts working in different contexts, we hope it will be key to influencing policy on a national, and possibly even international scale.

Advocacy for social policy change

Fostering will form part of the integrated child protection system which we seek to implement over the next five years.

We will continue developing our advocacy projects and work towards influencing change in social policy at regional and national levels. We are developing an effective child protection system using a bottom-up approach. Through working within the community and alongside the various people and agencies involved, we aim to create the first integrated child protection system in Morocco which includes a community-based system of referral and has a consistent approach to safeguarding children. What we have started in Taroudannt, we aim to use as a model to expand to a national level.

Building on our pilot birth registration project, we will take the issue of a child’s right to birth registration to the national stage in Morocco. Our aim is that all mothers will be able to register their child’s birth, and all people will be able to access late registration.

Change in the lives of vulnerable children and women

As part of our vision to help all children and their families realise their potential, we will continue to develop our social development projects in Taroudannt.

We aim to help all children access pre-school education, by advocating for subsidised pre-school places and using Centre Amane as a transitional school.

As part of our women’s project, we aim to create waves of change through a roll-out of our participatory approach. We aim to document and showcase the positive changes to communities and children’s lives caused by women’s group’s initiatives. We aim to show how discussion is empowering and leads to change.